Leah Fraizer

Leah Frazier is the Editor for DFW Style Daily, Fashion & Style Consultant, Go-To Source for Digital Journalists, and Attorney. Beauty is distributed as an impossible resource — often rendering disappointment, self-doubt and disparagement. We languish in false cookie cutter images air-brushed, brush-stroked, and photo-shopped designed to keep us dissatisfied, while reaching for someone else’s unattainable ideal.

We rush around madly trying to squeeze in, plump up, thin down, and cover up who we really are in order to mirror unreleastic images. We carry “if only” mentalities. If only I was prettier, smarter, taller, shorter. If only I was a size 4, had long hair, longer legs, bigger breasts I would be Beautiful . Myths.

Beauty is defined by looking outside of ourselves. Real beauty is acknowledging who you are and the value you bring into the world every day by recognizing your worth and your unique voice, space, and image. Real beauty is your image. Total package. What image do you want to portray to the world? How do you want to package it? Your body and self-image is a business, your business. Take is seriously and don’t sell-out. Just make sure it is what you want the world to see and not what the world wants to see in and on you.