Candice Stinnett

Candice Stinnett

“God created it. Jesus died for it. I’d better take care of it.” – Pastor Rick Warren

Candice Stinnett is a wife and mother, 3x cancer survivor, Health & Fitness enthusiast and broadcast journalist.

Inspired by quotes, people and events, she engulfed and soaked in all things happening in this world like a toddler learning new words. Cancer re-invented my life in all aspects. Sharing her story with others and seeing the impact it had,  she became dedicated to sharing others’ stories to move society about what matters most. Stories form who we are and craft who we become.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, she had very frightening thoughts. But cancer opened her up to a new way of living. The path she was on lacked discipline, diet and exercise, and was filled with way too much stress. Cancer helped her  stop and look at life in a fulfilling, healing way. Feeding every cell in my body with positive energy and feeding the voice inside her head that says I can be well and there is hope!

Candice Stinnett has  been cancer free ever since October 2010. After battling it for three years, the cure being a stem cell transplant from a non-related donor, she has dedicated he life to not only living a healthy lifestyle but encouraging others to live healthy as well.