AdaPia d’Errico


AdaPia d’Errico is the Chief Marketing Officer at Patch of Land and one of Company’s founding executives. AdaPia has more than 15 years of marketing experience under her belt and has worn many hats as an entrepreneur, teacher, coach, role model and influential marketing pro. She’s been described by her peers as a natural born connector, career multi-tasker and inventive business person whose track record for successful execution of strategies is both quantitative and comprehensive.

As the CMO at Patch of Land, AdaPia positions the company in the red hot fintech and peer lending industries, guiding strategy on brand, marketing, business development, and partnerships. In her role, she fuses her finance background with her fascination with technology and how it affects our behavior, society and culture. She has a passion for startups, social trends and entrepreneurship, which continues to push Patch of Land to the forefront of the Peer-to-Real Estate (P2RE) industry.

AdaPia is an early adopter of creative marketing techniques, especially social media marketing, networking, fan engagement and online community building, applying and innovating these strategies in an ever-changing omni-channel marketing world. She has developed a unique skill set that includes legal and contract negotiation, business and financial analysis, investor relations, licensing and brand extension, social media marketing, online community building and intellectual property development.

As a mentor and role model, AdaPia prides herself in supporting, coaching, advising, mentoring businesses founded by women. Having founded two small businesses with female partners, AdaPia believes in the value of women working to help each other succeed for the ultimate benefit of everyone. She is also an avid supporter of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education.

AdaPia grew up in Canada, and has studied, worked and lived in Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and now Los Angeles. AdaPia speaks English, French and Italian fluently and also has a basic understanding of German and Spanish.  She holds degrees in Business Administration with a specialization in financial services, and International Business Economics from the University of British Columbia.

On a personal level, AdaPia is on a lifelong quest of learning and self-improvement. She is passionate about health, fitness and mindfulness, and continues her exploration and self-study of psychology, behavioral economics, meditation, and cultural trends.

When she’s not working she gives back to the community by mentoring and coaching others as well as volunteering for, and supporting, animal rights, and community organizations.  Her current big, personal project is the DIY remodel of her home in Los Angeles. She enjoys cooking, exploring nature, yoga, and caring for her adopted, rescue French Bulldog, Barrington.  You can learn more at Connect with AdaPia on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.